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Rockford Toolcraft Inc Leadership

Commitment, Talent, Versatility, Reputation

These qualities come together to make Rockford Toolcraft a winner. Expert tool and die makers? We've got 'em. Engineers dedicated to innovation? Got those too. Highly-skilled craftsmen on the shop floor? The best! Of course we've got all the latest equipment, but it's really our people who keep us in the lead!

Jerry Busse CEO

Jerry served a four-year Tool and Die Apprenticeship and spent several years as a Tool and Die Maker. He built dies for local manufacturing companies and after some time, he was promoted to Tool and Die Designer. Jerry started Rockford Toolcraft in 1976 as a contract tool and die manufacturer. In 1985, he expanded Rockford Toolcraft Inc to also include production metal stamping.

Jerry Busse • CEO & Tom Busse • President

Tom Busse President

Tom started working at Rockford Toolcraft Inc part-time during high school and then went on to serve a four-year Tool and Die Apprenticeship. After several years of building dies, he was promoted into the Die Design Department. In 1993 he again was promoted to Vice-President. In 2011 he was promoted to President where he oversees and directs day to day operations of the company.

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