Heavy Stamping

Heavy stamping is what we do best! Since our Stamping Department’s beginnings in 1985, we have lived by one main rule – “Constant Improvement”. We were doing this long before it became a mainstream buzzword.

Specializing in heavy stamping, we run progressive and transfer tooling from 100 tons up to 4,400 tons capacity. Most all of our work is coil fed and has medium to high volume. We thrive on complicated heavy stampings that your average stamper cannot produce. Your buyers don’t get excuses from us – they get parts! They get them on-time and they get them made to specifications.

We feature all late model heavy stamping equipment in two modern, clean plants. The real beauty of our Stamping Department is that we back it up with nearly 50 skilled tool and die makers to build and maintain all of your tooling. It’s a win-win situation. I hope you will give us a try, as we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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4400 Ton Heavy Stamping Transfer Press