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Expert Engineering

Our engineering staff at Rockford Toolcraft Inc includes the best tool and die designers. Their committment to Quality and service allows us to give the best value to our customers. Our designers work with many different software programs including Mastercam, Diemaker, Autoform, Solid Edge, PTC and Autodesk. Give us a call today at (815)398-5507 and visit our Contact page for more information. From concept to completion, we are ready to help you with your next tool and die needs.

7   CAD Die Design Stations Equipped with AutoCad and Diemaker Software. 
1   CAD Die Design Stations Equipped with 
Pro/Engineer Software. 
3   CAD Die Design Stations Equipped with 
Solid Edge Software.

3   CAD Die Design Stations Equipped with Solid Works Software.

3   CAD Die Design Stations Equipped with Logopress Software.
1   CAD Stations Equipped with AutoForm Forming simulation Software. 
15 CAM Stations Equipped with 
Mastercam Software.

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Engineering Department
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